So I start my day with getting up in this house that feels like people have lived in.
The china is used and feels like home. The china is used in way that people have laughed around it along with tea. The kettle has my mother's finger pattern on that handle.
The garden has a pond, lotuses in shades of white and pink. And fishes shades of black and orange.
My oldest dog is 14. He has cataract now. And he is barking a little less these days and is always around my mother.  He gets restless when she leaves for work. It's like he wants to catch every glimpse that he can of his favourite person before he loses his sight.
My room is 2 shades of green. It has those old windowpanes. And I can see the garden through them.
My German shepherd is now huge and beautiful . I love how she still recognises me even tough my visits home have decreased.
My bestie keeps repeating a place for everything and everything in its place. I'm nowhere close to that , but my mum is and so is her house .
I haven't lived here enough. No more than a few weeks at once  but still it make me feel, laugh , reminisce .
The last apartment I lived in, for my studies was a flat . Just that. The walls were dull beige just like the ones painted in the hospitals. Made me gawk at for hours; I would feel nothing.
The ceiling was so close to the floor ,like a box.
Home is different. It's freshly washed baby blue sheets with scent of citrus to it. High arched ceiling , the breeze just gushes in and plays around. 

I want to stay here for today.


  1. Ain't no place like home. Might sound funny, but even though I'm a guy, I felt really low for a month when I moved into a separate house with my wife after my wedding.

  2. I know, right. It's the place , it becomes a person in our minds. With its own identity and small quirks so you get use to .


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